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The directory listings on this website are for churches of Christ that do not believe there is Scriptural authority for church support of human institutions (i.e. orphan homes), church-sponsored recreational or social events, or the sponsoring church arrangement.

Instructions and Advice On Directions

It is important to know how to communicate directions to your meeting place. I will show you both good and bad examples so you will understand the difference.
Good Directions:
· From I-40: (Always start with a reference point) Go to Exit 47 and go North on US23 (Smith St). Go appx 2mi. to Jones St. and turn left (West). Go 1.5mi. and turn right on 45th. St. Go 3 blocks. We meet on the NW corner of 45th and Mary Blvd.
· These directions are good because they use both relative (Left/Right), and specific (N-S-E-W), directions that are usable regardless of which direction your visitor is approaching. They do not rely on business landmarks that change or go out of business. The starting reference point in general enough for anyone to locate.
Bad Directions:
· At the Dairy Queen, turn right.
· Yes, I really received this. It assumes a visitor knows your town. Not good if visitor is approaching from a different direction that you normally travel
· Go to the 3rd light and turn right at the Sinclair station. Go to the flashing light and turn left.
· There are no street names. Lights change. Some get taken away and more are sometimes added. Businesses like Sinclair often change or go out of business.
Worse Directions:
· See map on our website.
· Oh, c'mon!! Please help me help you by providing the information with which you are much more familiar than I am.
· <_HTML-linkTo_MSN-directions?_and-other+gobbledyGook>
· Web-based map service directions are not always reliable. Please enter consise directions so I can pass them on to future visitors.
You do want visitors, right?